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A March to Remember + A Giveaway

A March to Remember + A Giveaway

image004Do the election season blues have you down? Don’t think you can possibly handle one more political commercial, debate, or phone call? I have the solution. Pick up a copy of Anna Loan-Wilsey’s new book, A March to Remember and read a fun, fictional account set in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

There was a lot I liked about this book. One of those items was the main character, Hattie is a list maker like me! She would write out and organize her thoughts throughout the book. So in honor of Hattie (and list makers everywhere), here are my top five favorite takeaways from this historical cozy mystery.

I appreciated that this book was easy to follow.

This was the first Hattie Davis Mystery I have read. Sometimes coming into a pre-existing series in the middle is tough. There are so many characters with old storylines being brought up that you feel left out. I didn’t feel like I was “late to the party” at all with this series and I appreciated that.

It made me want to go to Washington, DC.

In my early married life, the hubby and I lived in the greater Washington, DC area. I enjoyed the imagery of the city this book painted. It brought back fond memories of days past and made me itch to start planning a family vacation to our National’s Capital sometime in the future.

I immediately connected with the main character.

For me, connecting with the protagonist on some level is critical to my enjoyment of a book. I connected with Hattie’s determined and organized personality right away. She was submissive, yet confident. Discreet, yet bold. There were a lot of levels of this character that worked well for her.

It made me want to learn more about history.

When one reads historical fiction, you many times find yourself wondering just how much about the backstory is factual. Several parts of the book drew out this curiosity, causing me to head over to ever trusty Google and search for more information on the historical events that the story used as its base.

It made me want to read more of Hattie’s adventures.

By the end of the book, I was including the first books in this series on my Goodreads reading list. I look forward to continuing onto other adventures in this series and seeing what trouble Hattie manages to find in other books.

Want to read it yourself? For FREE?

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I would like to thank Great Escapes Book Tours and Kensington Publishing Corporation for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

A Jump Into Cozy Waters

A Jump Into Cozy Waters

I have a lot of crazy ideas. I also have wonderfully supportive people in my life who are really good at saying, “That sounds like a great idea. Go for it!”  Putting these two things together can be a dangerous (but awesome) thing.

It is no secret that I love to read. I also love the extras that authors have been putting in the back of many cozy mystery books these days. Recipes, decorating tips, etc. This got me thinking about other fun ways to enhance the reading experience beyond the pages of the book. Thus, A Cozy Experience was born.


It is a project my sister Lisa and I have been working on together, which has made it extra fun. The idea? Each month you receive a box with a cozy mystery and items inspired by the book delivered to your door. Then you interact with fellow readers on Facebook through the month and experience the book together. We are kicking off with our first box in October. We have been hard at work designing the website and creating the first box. Our site is almost ready to launch and should be up later this week! Yay!

For now, we are on Facebook and Twitter. It has been humbling and exciting to read the kind comments from many who are on board with this idea. So go on over and join the conversation!


This is why the blog has been a little quiet the past couple of week. We have been hard at work behind the scenes on this project. Pictured above is a little real life look at some late night blog editing while I catch up on my guilty pleasure of pro wrestling.

But don’t worry. More posts and book reviews are on the way in the coming weeks.

And one thought before I go. Those crazy ideas you have in the shower? The ones you are afraid to say out loud because they might be embarrassing or not work out? Try them. They may work out. They may not. But they will cause you to learn things about yourself and grow as a person in the process. And that itself is worth the risk.

Fall Reading Fun

Fall Reading Fun

It is no secret that I love fall. The colors, the cooler weather, and everything that comes with it. I started with fall themed reading even before the weather had turned. Sitting down with a good book is my favorite way to relax and let my mind wander at the end of a long day. And it beats so much of the stuff that is on TV! Here is what I’ve been reading the last couple of weeks.

Hallowe’en Party51gy1tzzil-_sx330_bo1204203200_
by Agatha Christie
You know how sometimes you’re super excited for a book and it just wasn’t everything you’d thought it would be? That is how Hallowe’en Party was for me. I’m a big Agatha Christie fan and usually enjoy a good Hercule Poirot story, but this one just wasn’t one of my favorites. This book wasn’t written until 1969, towards the end of Agatha Christie’s writing career. I don’t know if that had something to do with it, but it wasn’t one I’ll need to reread anytime soon.

51qpfeltzel-_sx308_bo1204203200_Red Delicious Death
by Sheila Connolly
This is the third book in Sheila Connolly’s Apple Orchard Mystery Series. Every time I pick one of these books up I keep thinking I need to make one of my favorite apple recipes in the spirit of the book. It hasn’t happened yet, but maybe on book four. This was a fun installment in the series and leaves the reader with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end. I’m sure I will be reading the next installment soon.

Eat, Drink, and Be Buried

by Kate Kingsbury51odabsluil
I have read other books by Kingsbury and when I saw this one was being offered free on Kindle, I just couldn’t resist. It is a historical cozy mystery series and follows Cecily, the owner of the Pennyfoot Hotel through her adventures of inn keeping and amateur sleuthing. I enjoy that Cecily is older than your traditional cozy mystery protagonist. Her husband has recently passed away and her children are grown and out of the house. It creates a different array of problems and struggles than you see in so many books of this genre.

51uyefv2cjl-_sx308_bo1204203200_The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer
by Krista Davis
This is a series I’m reading out of order. I read the most recently published installment, Murder Most Howl, earlier this year. And when I saw there was a Halloween themed book in the series, I had to check it out. This series is great for any animal lover. It follows Holly, who helps her grandmother run a pet friendly Inn. I loved the Halloween imagery that flowed through the entire book. It didn’t just tell you the story took place in October and leave it at that. If you are looking for a book to really get you into the Halloween spirit, this is a fun choice. This book also part of another fun idea that I can’t wait to share with you. Details coming soon.

What are you reading? Do you tend to read books from the season that we are currently in? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

PS – This post contains affiliate links. That’s just a fancy way of saying that if you purchase anything from Amazon after clicking on one of my links, I’ll get a small percentage back. This is greatly appreciated and I thank you for any purchases you make through a link on this site!