What a Difference A Week Makes

What a Difference A Week Makes

It is always tough watching your little ones go through surgery. You want to take their pain away and there is nothing you can go there but be there and support them. For those of you who know our story, strabismus eye issues have plagued my identical twins, Joel and Caleb from birth. Early on I even wrote a few posts over at Little Four Eyes if you’re interested in reading about the early days of our journey.

Two weeks ago, Joel went in for his third strabismus eye surgery.

The little man was such a trooper. And recovery for this third surgery went fairly smooth. Sadly we are becoming pros at child outpatient surgery but a couple days home from school and a little TLC and he was back to his old self.

Today we had his two week check up and it went great!

Sticking with my intention to focus more on what I’m thankful for each day, I couldn’t help but be grateful as we headed home from his appointment.

Grateful for a wonderful team of doctors, nurses, and staff members who give every kid who comes through their door exceptional care.

Grateful for a happy, healthy kiddo who kept a positive outlook even when things were painful and no fun.

Grateful for an amazing support system of extended family and friends who pitched in to help us out that week, prayed for us, and checked in to see how everyone was doing.

And most of all, grateful for this wild, crazy, group of kiddos. This is about a week post surgery. I won’t post the pictures from the first couple of days post-surgery, but all I can say is what a difference a week makes!

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