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Tour the Home Office – Fall Style

Tour the Home Office – Fall Style

When I first started this blog back in July, one of the first things I did was give a tour of my home office. (It is actually still my most popular blog post!) It is a room that is very near and dear to me, as I spend a lot of time here working from home.

This past week, the space got a bit of a makeover when I broke out the fall decorations. In the spirt and excitement of the new season, I wanted to take you on the new and improved home office tour.

FullSizeRender (71)

My desk got a fun little scarecrow in the corner. I love having someone smiling at me all day as I work.

FullSizeRender (72)

The “reading corner” has become a favorite of mine when I need a break from my desk. I just move my laptop on over and get a change of pace (this is actually where I’m sitting right now writing this post).

FullSizeRender (73)

I love my “The family that prays together, stays together” sign. One of the cool things about it is it’s not technically a fall decoration. It is one of those great pieces you can move around and change up how you use it all year long.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour! Have you put up your fall decorations yet? Leave me a comment and let me know how you’ve decorated for the new season!

My Top 5 Natural Energy Boosters

My Top 5 Natural Energy Boosters

Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up. That mid-afternoon crash can come at you hard. Or maybe it is an after dinner slump that has you stuck.

For several years now, I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils & have found many of their products to be of benefit to me and my family. One of the things I use my oils for is an all natural energy boost.

Below are five of my go-to energy boosters. I am not a doctor or health care professional. Just a mama who is trying to do what is best for herself and her family. That being said, I know I always find value in knowing what is working for other people. Thus, here are some things that have been working for us. I’d love it if they could help you too!

This isn’t an oil. It is a little tube you drink down quickly. It is the first thing I grab to nitrotake during a midday slump or “brain fog.” It contains essential oils, ginseng, and green tea among other things. What I like about it is the focused feeling it gives me. It doesn’t give me crazy energy like chugging a large mocha, but it gives me a crisp, alert focus feeling that allows me to zero in on whatever the task at hand and tackle it head on. This is also the hubby’s choice for something to pop quick before a hockey game.

Diffuser Blend: Fresh & Fruity
Diffusing essential oils is a great way to aromatically take in all the benefits they have to offer. My two favorite options for diffusing for energy are fruity and minty. (I know, I’m great at names, right?) First, fruity. Combine eucalyptus globulus (tea tree), lime, and lemon essential oils. Three drops of each into your diffuser. I love this clean, refreshing blend. I like to diffuse this when I’m cleaning. It gives me energy to clean and the fresh, clean smell is motivation to keep on with my work.

I bought this oil awhile back on impulse and it has been a great addition to my collection. It will probably last me forever because my favorite way to use this oil is just to open the cap and sniff directly from the bottle. It is a blend of essential oils that contains rosemary, juniper and lemongrass. A favorite time of day I use this oil is first thing in the morning. I like to diffuse it in my kitchen while I go about my morning routine and get ready for the day.

This is a new one for me. Young Living recently came out with this combination of sparking water, pear and blackberry juice, infused with lime and black pepper essential oils. I liked the taste of it more than I thought I would. In a glass over ice I find it makes a refreshing summer drink. My issue with it has been I enjoy sipping it, which doesn’t give me as quick of an energy boost as I sometimes crave. Still it’s been a fun summer drink to have on hand.

Diffuser Blend: Minty MaxWMG11910C69MH4YTK
My final favorite diffuser blend for an energy boost is my Minty Max. I do three drops of both peppermint and spearmint oil. The burst of minty freshness is a great boost. I love having this going on my desk while I work during the day.

There you have it. Five quick and easy things to try the next time you are in need of an energy boost. If you don’t know anything about these products or are looking to purchase, I’m more than happy to help hook you up. Just comment or send me an email. We’ll make sure your next wave of tired doesn’t send you crashing down!

It’s Party Time – A Bakeshop Mystery Edition

It’s Party Time – A Bakeshop Mystery Edition

My sister, Lisa, and I had a little fun this weekend. We had a Sunday Sister Party (along with my three boys). The inspiration came from the Bakeshop Mystery books that we are both reading. We made three recipes straight from the pages of the books and then a couple of our own creations, inspired by the series.


The Menu:
Beef Stew (because we are Iowa girls like a little hearty food)
Braised Green Beans
Homemade Basic Bread
Caprese Salad
Chocolate Molasses Cookies & Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Caramel Lattes with whipped cream (of course)


I was a little nervous entertaining on a meal that included three recipes I had never made before, but it went well. The boy’s favorite part was the cookies! The Chocolate Molasses cookies were a new recipe for me (from the Bakeshop Mystery book series) and they just tasted like fall. Everybody loved them. I know they will be made again in our house for sure.


We had not had sister time in awhile so it was super fun to have a little time to just hang out. I love how books gave us an excuse to get together, hang out, enjoy food and good company. We’ve already been talking that there needs to be more Sunday Sister Parties. We are thinking an apple theme would be a great way to kick off fall!


Tour My Home Office

Tour My Home Office

I have been loving my home office lately. It is a space that was originally a formal dining room when we bought our house. But let’s be real. We have young kids. The room has light colored carpet. We are not in the years where a formal dining room makes sense. So we decided to turn the space into an office room.

2016-06-30 23.24.16

My goal for this space is to have a structured place where I can work from home. And also a space that anyone in the family could sit down to do a little work, homework, etc. Something cozy and inviting, but practical.

2016-06-30 23.24.29

The space is still a work in progress, but I wanted to give you a little tour. Summer decorations are up and give the room a nice, colorful touch. I still have more empty wall space than I like. The goal has been to get out and go shopping for some fun, local artwork. Someday I’ll get around to it.

2016-06-30 23.25.52

I try to keep my desk clear so the hubby or kiddos can sit down and work when they need to. But it has the essentials. Computer, day planner, and of course, my current cozy mystery reads.

2016-07-01 00.02.20

I had an office mate today. (In addition to the one I have most days – See if you can find my “regular office mate” in the top picture). It is always great to share the space and “do” life together as a family.