It’s Party Time – A Bakeshop Mystery Edition

It’s Party Time – A Bakeshop Mystery Edition

My sister, Lisa, and I had a little fun this weekend. We had a Sunday Sister Party (along with my three boys). The inspiration came from the Bakeshop Mystery books that we are both reading. We made three recipes straight from the pages of the books and then a couple of our own creations, inspired by the series.


The Menu:
Beef Stew (because we are Iowa girls like a little hearty food)
Braised Green Beans
Homemade Basic Bread
Caprese Salad
Chocolate Molasses Cookies & Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Caramel Lattes with whipped cream (of course)


I was a little nervous entertaining on a meal that included three recipes I had never made before, but it went well. The boy’s favorite part was the cookies! The Chocolate Molasses cookies were a new recipe for me (from the Bakeshop Mystery book series) and they just tasted like fall. Everybody loved them. I know they will be made again in our house for sure.


We had not had sister time in awhile so it was super fun to have a little time to just hang out. I love how books gave us an excuse to get together, hang out, enjoy food and good company. We’ve already been talking that there needs to be more Sunday Sister Parties. We are thinking an apple theme would be a great way to kick off fall!


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