Love in a Little Purple Box

Love in a Little Purple Box

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with hundreds of my LWML Iowa East District Sisters in Christ at our biennial convention. This is an organization that has been near and dear to my heart for a number of years now. Not only has it gifted me with numerous friendships, but also the opportunity to combine my monetary gifts with those of Lutheran women from around Eastern Iowa to give to missions on a greater scale than any of us could do alone.

It was a refreshing time of fun, fellowship, Bible Study, mission speakers, and more. But I think one of my favorite parts of the weekend came when I came home and unpacked my suitcase. LWML Past President, Janice Wendorf was our keynote convention speaker. One of the themes of her speech was how our Mites (mission offerings) connect us. Connect us to each other, to those our mites support, and also those who God has put in place to help reach those in need. She gave each of us a mite box and challenged us to start the conversation with someone in our life.

My Mite Box didn’t make it very far. My seven year old son, Noah pulled it out of my suitcase. I asked if he wanted a Mite Box of his own (he knows we usually just put change in the one on the kitchen counter). Excitedly he said yes.

Then we continued the conversation.

Me: “Noah, do you remember what Mites are and who they are for?”
Noah: “Yes, it is money for Jesus’ missionaries.”
Me: “Where are you going this week?”
Noah: “Camp!”
Me: “Did you know that your camp is one of the missions that these mites support?”

This was exciting for a seven year old. A personal connection. Missionaries were not just unknown people in a far off land. They were real people that went canoeing with him, helped him catch frogs, and taught him about Jesus at Camp that very week.

Noah: “So I can put money in this box and it helps my camp?”
Me: “Yes! And so many others.”

This warmed my heart. To be able to pass along a way for my child to help serve others in his everyday life. I am thankful for a weekend with my LWML sisters that lead to me being able to have moments like this that will continue long after I return home.

4 thoughts on “Love in a Little Purple Box

  1. Yeah mom! You are so right that what we say and do connects our kids the bigger Church of God. Keep being the strong example of Christian love that you are!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Martha. And thank you for your friendship!!

  3. I really appreciated how you articulated your LWML story! AND I especially liked how you helped your son make a personal connection to a mission grant. Score one for the mom’s teachable moment! My hubby and kids (now grown – both hubby and kids – ha!) all know and support what LWML does (and what I do through LWML). It’s a wonderful thing!!!

  4. Thanks, Eden. Relating it to his own camp made it more real for him for sure. We couldn’t do what we do without our family’s love and support. It is so important.

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