Celebrating August

Celebrating August

August is always a forgotten month for me. A month where I start to get excited for Fall and all that comes with it. So I always wish August away. Not on purpose. I just think past it. Thinking about what comes after it instead of savoring everything it has to offer me.

Because when you stop to think about it. August has some pretty good things going for it.

The final days of summer vacation to savor with the kids before school starts.


The days are still long. There is comfort when the sun stays awake for the same hours I do.

How about celebrating August this year instead of looking past it towards the things that are to come? Soaking up the warm days, the buzz of the cicadas outside the window, the sunlight lingering in the sky before it’s evening descent.


Celebrate the laughter, the love, the friendships around you.

So as the month rolls on and we start to transition to a new season (in weather and in life), take a minute to stop and enjoy. A minute to celebrate August.

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