A Whole Latte Murder Book Review

A Whole Latte Murder Book Review

This was a wild weekend around our house. What better way to unwind than with a book set in a coffee shop? A Whole Latte Murder by Caroline Fardig chronicles the life and adventures of Juliet Langley who runs a coffee shop in Nashville. Juliet is a power house of a protagonist. She takes charge and is always ready to stand up for what she thinks is right.


I was drawn to the cover and title of this book. It just sounded like a fun read and made me anxious to give this new series a chance. (What’s not to love about a coffee inspired book title?) Not having read this series, I sensed that there were a few things I was missing in the back story, but could follow along reasonably well. The book was full of twists and turns and leaves you guessing until the end.

It is a little different than some of the more traditional cozy mysteries. If you enjoy Carmela and Eva in Laura Child’s Scrapbook Mystery books, you’ll enjoy Juliet. She has the same fire and passion to her and a heart for helping those who cross her path.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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